Travel Insurance

Vaca­tion travel insur­ance is an impor­tant con­sid­er­a­tion whether you are trav­el­ing out-of-country or even intra-provincially within Canada. In addi­tion to cov­er­ing your emer­gency excess hospital/medical expenses, travel insur­ance polices offer addi­tional ben­e­fits that may save you con­sid­er­able expenses, like licensed ambu­lance, emer­gency den­tal acci­dent cov­er­age, pre­scrip­tion drug reim­burse­ment, med­ical trans­port, fam­ily trans­porta­tion expenses, and others.

We rep­re­sent Man­i­toba Blue Cross and TuGo to arrange the best plan for your travel needs.