Reporting A Claim or Loss

  • If the loss or damage is an emergency, contact our office at (204) 989-7000 as soon as possible.
  • If the loss or damage is not an emergency, please call our office at (204) 989-7000 (on the next business day if after-hours)

We understand that a claim or loss can be quite stressful, and would like to put your mind at ease should something happen. Each claim or loss is unique unto itself. When you call our office, we will be able to walk you through the claims process and answer any questions you may have. If you have to report a claim directly to the insurance company when our office is closed, please also call our office the next business day so we can review your policy.

If you are unable to contact John Fehr Insurance directly, please call the after-hours Emergency Claim Phone Number for your Insurance Company:

Intact Insurance
Red River Mutual
Wawanesa Mutual

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